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Rehabilitation and buildings

Since 1993, JOHANSON International has been involved in innovative approaches based on the PDCA (PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT) which not only add more or less innovative technical (Canadian wells, the shading, solar collectors etc. ..) but take into account the challenges of sustainable development to set goals.

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Our CSR approach: the extra-financial reporting 

Under the laws imposed on businesses and communities, and a commitment to quality and environmental performance, JOHANSON International can help you to develop your CSR on social and environmental impacts.

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Our QHSEEr Approaches

Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Energy

Companies tend to fall more in sustainable development. They need a management aspects Quality Health Safety and Energy environment to comply to their directives (Top Management).

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Carbon Strategy

Due to the rising cost of energy and market requirements, carbon footprint represents the overall impact of a company or a community in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

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