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Our values


For years now, JOHANSON International has made sustainable development as the cornerstone of its business. This supports the values ​​that it does share with its employees, partners, and customers. 


VALUES are enriched through many experiences and many influences. 


VALUES OF RUGBY, Jean HETZEL bathed in his childhood in the atmosphere of the South-West of France and more specifically the Périgord. This comes in the following terms:



RESPECT OTHERS including in confrontation 


The value of COMBAT and the greatness of DEFEAT 

The taste for CHALLENGES, 

The GO BEFORE need 


The Humanist ENGAGEMENT, a vision that seeks the well-being of everyone, whether in the workplace or the environment by human values ​​of respect, collective improvement and the common good for all. 

CHOICE of multiculturalism as a need to enhance the contact with other cultures and to improve our expertise to confront other visions. This is expressed by the discovery of varied experiences and origins in respect of cultures and modes of expression.


EXPERTISE OF RISK through the practice of solo sailing (European Seas essentially) confirms that the CONTROL RISK MANAGEMENT is based on an ongoing and imperative evaluation of the environment, including difficult and complex choice of a CAP and stick to it, take a road less perilous and arrive safely. This risk assessment applies to all corporate relations 

TASTE FOR INNOVATION, regardless of the origin in order to always enrich OFFER. 

  • Technical innovation improves the use in the context of a resource-based economy based on ECOCONCEPTION, 

  • Social innovation is to choose working methods adapted to each situation and context for personal development. Must permanently nourish the Human Development Index (HDI) of everyone.

  • Innovation in sustainable development based on an economy of resources and energy in the context of respect for health (health innovation) on an economy for the benefit of all and a deep respect for human labor by reducing the risks, effects on health by improving the working environment.

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