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Our QHSEEr Approaches

Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Energy

Why a QHSEEr approach? 


Companies tend to fall more in sustainable development. They need management aspects in Quality Health Safety and Energy environment to comply with their directives (Top Management).


This applies to manufacturing companies or industrial companies that use energy, but also to large local authorities who manage an important heritage. The approach is based on the identification of issues (response to markets, energy costs, environmental protection, CSR requirements, establishment of rules of social welfare...)


Our services: 


  • Implementation of management systems and tools to develop the themes QHSEEr

  • QHSE/ QHSEEr trainings

  • Implementation AND certification 


The goal is to strive for continuous improvement in performance, economic, financial and social enterprises. As for local governments, it comes to getting the efficiency of public services.

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