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Our team



JOHANSON International results from multiple experiments of Jean HETZEL, lawyer, banker and consultant at IDRH in information systems organization. Then he created his own firm in strategic analysis and environmental based on his thorough knowledge in financial, environmental and business evaluations. He had recognized projects at the international level (pollution Sandoz, Protex) and others for big companies. Anxious to disseminate his work, he wrote many books to share his passions. By working on international syntheses, and as an NSF Lead Auditor ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001, ISO 14064 GHG CHECK, he is highly involved in international work. He develops activities with companies and communities seeking to make new knowledge emerge through knowledge transfer. He is assisted with rich experiences from communication (Alice BARBE), integrated management systems (Wiam GUETTAL) and performance evaluation (Dinh-Tri VO).



After having worked in the fields of accounting and finance, Wiam has evolved to CHANGE MANAGEMENT for organizations. She develops practical management processes, particularly in the context of integrated management systems (QUALITY, HEALTH, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY).  As a Moroccan currently lives in France, she specializes in business consulting.


Dinh-Tri VO


Holding Ph.D in Management (Paris-Saclay), Tri currently works as assistant professor at IPAG Business School Paris.  He specializes in insurance, finance and sustainable development. Tri taught theory and practice of insurance at the University of Economics HCMC. He was trainer for several corporations in Vietnam. His Vietnamese cultural background is extended by an Anglo-Saxon culture, that allows him to develop a culture of performance and evaluation, which is the cornerstone of expertise in sustainable development at Johanson International.

Our partners



Futurepast offers services in three areas: management systems improvement and implementation; safety management systems for the aviation industry; and carbon accounting services for organizations seeking to quantify and reduce carbon emissions in their operations and products. The company delivers services through consulting, training and auditing.

SINGA France


SINGA is an association with the objective to raise awareness of the society about asylum and refugee accompany  through their social-economic integration. In helping refugees to develop their projects (business, associations ..) SINGA also takes action with its formations for schools and entreprises.


United Donations


United Donations connects the owners of solidarity projects who need financial aids and contributors who want to follow the initiatives during the project-life. Through crowdfunding, the platform supports the project owners thanks to monthly donations. Johanson International realizes its carbon compensation with organisation which takes part in relation with solidarity projects.




Association of professional consultants in Sustainable development and Corporate Social Resposibility is a group of French consulting entreprises who share the same vision in Sustainable development and Corporate social resposibility by offering services with quality, methods, solutions and operational tools to help organizations in progressing sustainably and improve their social performances.


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