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Our CSR Approach


Our CSR approach: the extra-financial reporting 


Under the laws imposed on businesses and communities, and a commitment to quality and environmental performance, JOHANSON International can allow you to develop corporate social responsibility strategies (CSR) of social and environmental impacts. Expertise Johanson International, auditor NSF and ISO Verified can also allow you to support a certification, in particular ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO50001, OHSAS1 8001 and MASE. 


JOHANSON International accompanies and advises clients throughout a process to integrate social concerns, environmental ethics, human rights and consumers in commercial and basic strategy of the organization activities. Our structure can assist you in drafting the report, establish internal rules and CSR management can implement the CSR assessment instruments. 


The definition of non-financial reporting must be: 


  • In compliance with French and European legislation 

  • Relevant vis-à-vis the objectives of the business / community 

  • Qualitative AND quantitative 

  • Based on sustainable indicators 

  • Transparent 

  • Reliable 

  • Integrating the objectives of continuous improvement 

  • Localized

  • Sector 

  • Integrated information system and staff 


Source: CSR Management Institute 


Our vision, CSR must now: 

  • Be back in business 

  • Be integrated accounts 

  • Be readable and transparent 


CSR communication by Johanson International


In the context of over-use of "green washing" JOHANSON International offers in supporting implementation of CSR strategies supported a communication on sustainable, responsible and rewarding the achievements and not the promises of the company. To enable a coherent development with business objectives, Johanson provides its customers with expertise, product collaboration with NGOs and communities socially and environmentally responsible. 


Communication is one of the most important aspects of the development plan of an organization. Through the development of a non-financial reporting, communication allows not to promote but to inform, explain, justify and create a relationship of trust with the parties involved in an ongoing effort to transparency. 


The communication of an organization on its commitments related to sustainable development lies in the field of real social engagement and the creation of sharing, in a context where social networks of organizations will or will undo credibility values. 


JOHANSON International offers support on the definition of a strategy for sustainable CSR communication via: 

  • Redefinition and reclamation liabilities of the company / community 

  • Social / environmental combination through research partnerships involved 

  • Accompanying the development of professional/ social networks (community management) 

  • The valuation of collaborative interactions by engaging civil society by not only a policy of transparency, but also a collaborative application 

  • Implementation of an efficient internal communication for better management

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