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JOHANSON International Head Office


Located in la Ruche,  co-working space for social innivation et social business, JOHANSON International is specialized in sustainable development issues and for social innovation. Activities of the agency are directed towards defining sustainable development strategy, carbon assessment and advice QHSEEr. La Ruche allows the agency to consolidate its facilitator activities of networks of expertise with partners.


JOHANSON International

La Ruche

84 Quai de Jemmapes

75010 Paris

+33 (1) 84 17 20 26

Office in Nantes
Located in the heart of the city, our office is specialized in environmental monitoring based on urban and architectural scale Technology Park in Lagord and also works with Alliance2i as a certifier QHSEEr. 


Johanson International

5 Boulevard Vincent Gâche

BP 36204 

44262 Nantes Cedex 2

+33 (2) 85 52 30 59


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