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Introduction  3

1.                    What are stranded assets locked up in the building sector?.. 3

2.                    Some examples of stranded assets relating to buildings. 3

3.                    Where does the construction sector stand in terms of taking climate change into account?.. 5

4.                    How can we get out of this logic of blocked assets?.. 6

4.1.                Forward-looking analysis of risks. 6

4.1.1.             Different categories of housing in descending order of issues. 6

4.1.2.             Can housing benefit from renewable energy conditions?.. 7

4.1.3.             Financial investments remain addicted to fossil fuels. 8

4.1.4.             Is the future really in centralised nuclear energy?.. 9

4.2.                What are the solutions to get out of stranded assets?.. 10

4.2.1.             A local networked approach to energy production and natural resources. 10         Every building must become a producer of renewable energy, or even positive. 10         The concept of a local network. 11         For community analysis to action.. 12

4.2.2.             Working according to social issues based on the reduction of energy and social poverty. 13


The Stranded Assets in the Building Sector

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