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What are the assets blocked in the building? .. 3

Some examples of blocked assets relating to buildings . 3

Where is the building sector in terms of taking climate change into account? .. 5

How to get out of this logic of blocked assets? .. 6

A- A prospective risk analysis . 6

A1- Different categories of housing in descending order of issues . 6

A2- Can housing benefit from renewable energy conditions? .. 7

A3- Financial investments remain addicted to fossil fuels . 8

A4- Is the future really in centralized nuclear energy? .. 9

B-What solutions to get out of blocked assets? .. 10

B1- a local networked approach to energy production and natural resources . 10

1-Every building must become a producer of ENR or even positive . 10

2-The notion of local network 11

3-From diagnosis to action .. 11

B2- Work according to social issues based on the reduction of energy and social poverty . 12

Assets blocked in the building

Excluding Sales Tax
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